Wednesday, July 19, 2017

General Update - HistoriCon, Blood & Plunder, and 3D Printer

Hello all!  Well, believe it or not, I've been very busy!  I'll have several updates posting after this one and through the weekend.


HistoriCon 2017 happened this past weekend.  While I've always wanted to go it just have never worked out.  June is normally a very busy month for me so it is hard to get away to the east coast for an extended weekend (and KublaCon in the San Francisco bay area is at the end of May).

Now, while I didn't attend this year - my "brother from another mother" Mr. Ivor Evans (Saturday Mornings blog) was there running is awesome pulp game (pictures below with link).  Pictures are from the Lair of the Uber Geek blog ... check out his excellent HistoriCon reports here.

Ivor's game - picture from the Lair of the Uber Geek blog

Ivor's game - picture from the Lair of the Uber Geek blog

Ivor, being the most awesome dude on the planet - acted in abstentia on my behalf ... and picked up the special edition HistoriCon miniature for Blood and Plunder from the Firelock Games booth for me (miniature was free with purchase).  He also was super kind to pack me some more surprises - special edition HistoriCon figures!!  What a guy!!!

HistoriCon figures!

Convention special miniatures giveaway for Firelock
Games, with purchase of course!

David S. also has posted some excellent photos from the event as well ... I recommend check those out:  Wed photos, Thurs photos, Friday photos, and Saturday photos.

Blood & Plunder - No Peace Beyond the Line

First up - a big congratulations to Firelock Games on their outstanding and epic Blood and Plunder, No Peace Beyond the Line Kickstarter!  922 backers pledged $226,783!!

Every single stretch goal has been unlocked!  Personally I've pledged a small fortune as they kept adding things I wanted.  I'll have a ton of stuff coming in March (if they deliver on schedule).

Stretch goals ... all unlocked ... whoot!!

I'm really looking forward to getting everything from this Kickstarter.  Although my pirate collection has just begun, it is already progressing to completion of the first wave quickly.  My target is to run a game at CabinCon on the labour day weekend here in the US (first weekend of September).  Certainly an aggressive schedule, but I'll be pushing for that objective.  We'll see how far I get.  Fingers crossed!

3D Printer!

YES!!  I have a FireForge Creator Pro 3D printer ... oh man ... the possibilities!!!  Right now I'm busy printing on endless Vauban fort parts for a shore battery/fort position for my pirate games ... ooo ... sexy!  My next post will cover this is much more detail ... about half written at the moment.  I'll be giving you all an idea of what it takes to get into 3D printing of terrain for your miniature wargames ... hopefully for any of you looking to try it out it will save you some pain.

Print in progress ... next post will show completed prints.

That is it for the moment ... Wednesday is beer night ... so off to the pub to raise a glass or 20!

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Man Overboard - Blood and Plunder

Yes, man overboard!  This has been a great week with almost everything I've ordered to get my pirate project underway having arrived.  I'm still waiting on:

- My buildings from Brigade Games (from their Caribbean line).
- My Unaligned dice set from Firelock Games - this was missed in one of my orders ... was supposed to be included in the last order that came, but alas, is still missing.

So, how about some pictures of my pirate booty?!!

Everything ... so far.
I've taken advantage of the set deals you can get from Firelock Games.  I've managed to end up with a healthy amount of stuff.  All four factions that are currently available (adding the new ones after March of 2017 when the new Kickstarter is supposed to ship).  4 frigates, 2 x Brigantines, 2 x Sloops and 3 longboats round out the current fleet.  I've already put the money forward in the Kickstarter for 2 x Galleons (along with 1 each of the other new ships).  Dice, templates, books, extra bits and cannon ... all making for a great new period of history to go game!

Some pictures of each of the current factions below ...

The English with their special character, dice and cards.

The Spanish with their special character, dice and cards.

The French with their special character, dice and cards.

The Unaligned with their cards.  No dice yet, still waiting
on those to arrive.  Also, since there is no special character
I've taken it upon myself to buy the "Captain Jack Sparrow"
miniature from Black Scorpion ... he'll serve as my
Unaligned faction commander.

So, many more posts to come as I make progress here.  I plan to share posts covering my assembly and painting of the ships as well as the terrain I'll be doing.  If all goes well today I'll pack up all four of the factions and ship them over to Artmaster Studio to get them painted and the crews done within the next couple of months.

Stay tuned, I'm still mulling over the table design/layout and approach ... but getting close.  I'll be taking a stab at getting a ship done here very soon.

Galleys, Guns & Glory AAR

Ok, getting back into the swing of things ... with a game!  I've been doing spring wargame cleaning ... a massive task that involves my shed and my cupboards in the garage.  I've managed to free up a ton of space and I've identified a large pile of stuff that I need to sell off.  I still have to go through all my board games ... of which I have far too many!  Anyways ...

Ahoy matey!  It has been a while since the 1/300 galleys made there way into the light of day so I decided to host a game yesterday (I've been off work this last week - mostly cleaning).  Dan Kerrick, Roy Scaife and Adrian Turner joined me for some fun naval action in the renaissance.

The Venetians and allies had four commands:

Group 1:  Venetian - 1 x Galleass, 3 x Galley, 1 x Galiot
Group 2:  Venetian - 1 x Galleass, 4 x Galley
Group 3:  Knights of Malta - 1 x Lanterna, 2 x Galley, 2 x Galiot
Group 4:  Spanish and Papal States - 1 x Lanterna, 4 x Galley

The Turkish fleet had three commands:

Group 1:  1 x Lanterna, 5 x Galley, 3 x Galiot
Group 2:  1 x Lanterna, 5 x Galley, 3 x Galiot
Group 3:  6 x Galley, 5 x Galiot

Although the Turkish fleet has the numbers, the Venetian fleet has much more firepower and a great number of larger ships.

Preparing the Venetian and allies fleet.

Preparing the Turkish fleet.

I played the Turkish side with Adrian while Dan and Roy took the Venetians and allies.  Adrian and I opted for a straight line of battle, with our right side being a holding action against two enemy commands (one Venetian and the Knights of Malta).  The Knights of Malta are tough so we just wanted to keep them busy enough while we push on the left and in the center.

Another priority was the two Venetian Galleass.  They are very nasty.  12 hit points (a Galiot has 3, Galley 6, and Lanterna 9) and cannons reload on a 4+ instead of the normal 5+ with the ability to shoot from the port/starboard sides as well as 180 degrees around the forward tower.

If you have never played GGG, I recommend it.  The models look great, are easy to paint and rig, and the game plays fast and fun.  The round markers you see on the decks of the ships are crew markers (with one being distinct to represent the captain).  Smaller little boats are added behind the proper boats to track hull damage.

The battle was bloody for both sides.  I would have to say the MVP are the two groups of 3 Turkish Galiots that got around the flanks of the Venetian fleet and did some significant damage to the Venetian command by the Knights of Malta and the Spanish and Papal States command.  Of course the Turkish Galleys has softened up the targets, but those Galiots ramming into the sides of enemy Galleys was the death blow to many ships.

At the end, we called it a "very" minor victory for the Turkish fleet.